Yaas Cyclone Relief

Again nature has hit badly, the coastal areas suffered a massive damage due to the cyclone. Homeless childrens, woman, cattle, many had lost their source of livelihood. We carried out relief work in three major areas – Sundarban, Gangasagar and East Midnapur


Amphan Cyclone Relief

In the year 2020, we have served more then 1,00,000 relief to the villagers of Gangasagar and East Midnapur. Several families stood homeless after being hit my the cyclone-Amphan. A major destruction happened in these regions.


Howrah Tuberculosis Hospital

We have a mission to covert this Hospital into a multispeciality Hospital but in a charitable mode ,we would like establish Howrah’s first Multispeciality Hospital inside Howrah Tuberculosis Hospital Campus. We are the official development partners of this hospital.


Covid Relief

Kalighat Renaissance Foundation has supplied food and medicines to the families of Covid victims. We have successfully run the campaign and helped more than 500 families in West Bengal.

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